What is MioN?

Founder Robert Taylor created the  logo while a student and employee of Indiana University in Bloominton, IN  over two decades ago. He designed the unique logo to symbolize the importance of embracing “Self”. It's his founding philosophy that represents the essence of  is Be You. Do You. Love Thyself.

Robert gained invaluable retail experience while working as an Assistant Warehouse Manager at the former Indiana University Varsity Shop. During that time he honed marketable and transferable skills. He had a potential investor that was interested in partnering with him to grow the   brand.  However, Robert declined and decided to pursue other endeavors. Meanwhile, another company with a similar logo trademarked the name.

Fast forward 2014

Robert gave his ambitious wife Shawn autonomy to legalize and cultivate the brand.   As a result, MION LLC was formed February 2014 in the state of Indiana. The company operates mionbrand.com website that sells merchandise.  The logo is a registered trademark.

Currently  doesn’t have a brick and mortar location.  Plans are under way to open MION's first retail store. In the meantime, to expand our customer base we sale merchandise through our E-Commerce website and at various events i.e. trade shows, festivals, fashion shows.  As we grow we hope to have our merchandise throughout retail stores/boutiques nationwide.  If you would like to explore the opportunity to become a license authorized vendor please contact us at [email protected]


"I know that since life is our most precious gift and as far as we can be absolutely certain it’s given to us to live but once let us so live we will not regret years of useless virtue and inertia and timidity and ignorance, and in our last moments we can say all my life and my conscious images have been dedicated to the most noble cause in the world: the liberation of the human mind and spirit beginning with my own."
-Maya Angelou